Edition: 2020
Pages: 926
Series: BSL
ISBN: 9788858105641

History of Greek Literature

Luciano Canfora



“European culture begins with the Iliad and the Odyssey, the two epic poems in twenty-four books that tradition attributes to Homer. And it begins with a fight over entitlement to a slave…”.
From the first poetic expressions of the epics to the closure of the School of Athens by the deeply devout Justinian, Luciano Canfora narrates the works and authors of the most famous literature in the world, in a holistic overview that unites the schools of science, philosophy, politics and creative literature. The protagonists who were the torchbearers for our culture emerge fully in this wonderful fresco of ancient Greek literature.

The author

Luciano Canfora

Luciano Canfora is professor emeritus at the University of Bari. He directs the "Quaderni di Storia" and collaborates with the "Corriere della Sera." His books with Laterza have been widely translated all around the world.

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