Edition: 2022
Pages: 522
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788842081562

Giulio Cesare. The Democratic Dictator

Luciano Canfora


Ariel (Spagna)



“Caesar is dead: his is history’s most celebrated assassination. Like every homicide, Caesar’s begs a question: Why? Re-opening the case is Luciano Canfora, an historian who has a true talent for intrigue.” Maurizio Bettini, la Repubblica “An extraordinarily vivacious biography, a political investigation and psychological study: this book is many things at once. A fascinating read on a Goliath slain by several little Davids”. Luca Canali, il Giornale “An agile and concrete intelligence shines throughout the pages of this book, in the broad syntheses as much as in the circumscribed investigations. Reading Canfora’s writing is like observing Auguste Dupin at work or a Hercule Poirot of historiography”. Giovanni Mariotti, Corriere della Sera

The author

Luciano Canfora

Luciano Canfora is professor emeritus at the University of Bari. He directs the "Quaderni di Storia" and collaborates with the "Corriere della Sera." His books with Laterza have been widely translated all around the world.

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