Edition: 2019
Pages: 284
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788842092247

Stone Fascism

Emilio Gentile



“The Fascist regime, as Emilio Gentile tells us in this new and intriguing essay, was not only about rhetoric, but also painting, sculpture, architecture and urban planning. Gentile confirms himself the true Italian heir of George Mosse, attentive, as the German historian was, to aspects of the aesthetics of power.” Dino Messina, Corriere della Sera

"The era of the regenerating pickaxe had begun. For Mussolini it was the tool-symbol of a frenetic activism that ended by considering Rome and its past and future architecture – as Emilio Gentile well explains – as an arsenal of myths and repository of imperial destines, but also the target of resentments against the eternal city that Mussolini nurtured ever since his youth.” Filippo Ceccarelli, La Repubblica

The author

Emilio Gentile

Emilio Gentile is an historian of international renown, he is emeritus professor at ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome. He received the Hans Sigrist Prize at the University of Berna for his studies on the religions of politics. Among his main works published by Laterza, often reprinted and translated all over the world: The Cult of the Lictor: the sacralisation of politics in fascist Italy; Politics as religion; Fascism: History and interpretation; Fascism in three chapters; God’s democracy: American religion after September 11 (Burzio Prize); Stone fascism; Two gunshots, ten million dead, the end of a world; The March on Rome and Fascism in Power; The leader and the Crowd; “In a democracy people are always sovreign” False!.

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