Edition: 2013
Pages: 282
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788842074557

Political Religions. From democracies to totalitarian systems

Emilio Gentile


Princeton UP (USA); Seuil (Francia), Biblioteka XX VEK Beograd (Serbia); CDK Brno (Rep. Ceca) - Pika (Albanese)



Political sacralization occurs every time a political entity – the nation, democracy, the State, race, class, the party, the movement – is transformed into a sacred entity, an object of devotion and cult, and is placed at the centre of a system of beliefs, values and rituals. This is how political religions, which do not necessarily identify with any single kind of ideology or regime, are created: they can sacralize democracy or autocracy, equality or inequality, the people of a nation or humanity itself.

The author

Emilio Gentile

Emilio Gentile is an historian of international renown, he is emeritus professor at ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome. He received the Hans Sigrist Prize at the University of Berna for his studies on the religions of politics. Among his main works published by Laterza, often reprinted and translated all over the world: The Cult of the Lictor: the sacralisation of politics in fascist Italy; Politics as religion; Fascism: History and interpretation; Fascism in three chapters; God’s democracy: American religion after September 11 (Burzio Prize); Stone fascism; Two gunshots, ten million dead, the end of a world; The March on Rome and Fascism in Power; The leader and the Crowd; “In a democracy people are always sovreign” False!.

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