Edition: 2024
Pages: 152
Series: PL
ISBN: 9788842083306

Lands of Water. The people of Vercelli in the age of the crusades

Alessandro Barbero


History and legends from a corner of Italy's Piedmont region, tales of characters who were born and lived there, but who set off for far-flung exotic parts of the world, becoming caught up in often astonishing adventurers: Caesars of Byzantium, Kings of Jerusalem, patriarchs of Antioch. With his customary panache as both historian and narrator, Alessandro Barbero describes the life and times of a miniscule patch of the Western hemisphere - an area of land stretching just a few hundred square kilometres now lying in the province of Vercelli - at the time of the crusades. The account successfully unravels the threads that link the local to the global history of the Mediterranean area.

The author

Alessandro Barbero

Alessandro Barbero is Italy’s best known historian. His books are all bestsellers in Italy and abroad and his ‘History Lessons’ are widely followed live and on social. He teaches Medieval History at the University of Eastern Piedmont. His latest book, Dante (2020), has sold more than 250,000 copies and has been translated in more than 20 countries.

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