Edition: 2022
Pages: 410
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788842077596

The Battle. History of Waterloo

Alessandro Barbero


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An extraordinary book written by one of Italy’s most engaging intellectuals. Barbero, historian and novelist, writes novels that double as historical essays. Franco Cardini

On the battlefield, among the troops: even if the narration is crammed with detail and the protagonists numerous, one never tires of reading Barbero, who is a natural storyteller.

Aurelio Lepre

Barbero’s prose captivates the reader.

Lucio Villari

A masterly reconstruction. The discipline and talent of Alessandro Barbero transform The Battle into a unique book, which like a film propels us into the heart of Napoleon’s last battle.

La Repubblica

The author

Alessandro Barbero

Alessandro Barbero is Italy’s best-known historian. His books are bestsellers in Italy and worldwide and his ‘History Lessons’ are widely followed live and on social media. He teaches Medieval History at the University of Eastern Piedmont. His latest book, Dante, has sold 250,000 copies and has been translated in 20 countries.

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