Edition: 2016
Pages: 230
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788858125519

Table Tales

Massimo Montanari


Editions du Seuil (France), Liberdade (Brazil), Donker (Netherlands)



Hunger transforms the world and cooking transforms food: Italy’s foremost food historian describes the history of the West through tales of food and dining from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Era.

Massimo Montanari writes with the verve of a novelist. His invites the readers not to listen to his scholarly voice, except as background music, but rather to experience events for themselves in real time by staying as close as possible to the protagonists and partaking of their material and mental world. The readers are invited directly on stage. The instruments of historical research (archive documents, literary texts and cookbooks) are transformed into stage sets capable of conjuring up real or probable events. The protagonists of these pages are princes and pastors, students and bishops, hermits and merchants, poets, artists, cooks, famous personages such as Charlemagne and St. Francis, Dante Alighieri and the crafty peasant Bertoldo.

The author

Massimo Montanari

Massimo Montanari teaches Medieval History and History of Food at the University of Bologna, where he also directs the Masters in “History and Culture of Food”. His books are widely translated in many languages. His last work Il Mito delle origini. Breve storia degli spaghetti al pomodoro (Laterza, 2019) was a bestseller translated into English, Spanish, Greek, German, Hebrew, Slovenian.

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