Edition: 2022
Pages: 312
Series: MdB
ISBN: 9788842065401

Medieval History

Massimo Montanari



A brief yet comprehensive account: indispensable traits in any work that is first and foremost tailored to university students at the start of their academic career. The guide identifies the essential themes of medieval history and dedicates to each one a stand-alone lesson written in the form of an essay. Remarkable also for its coherent chronological development of the lessons, which are presented clearly and concisely, with attention devoted to the mechanisms, processes, historical dynamics and results of the most recent historical research. Students will also find a series of charts to help them locate the historic events in time and space. The objective is to provide an instrument of study that is conceptually clear and up-to-date with a fluent style and a rigorous use of historiographical terms.

The author

Massimo Montanari

Massimo Montanari teaches Medieval History and History of Food at the University of Bologna, where he also directs the Masters in “History and Culture of Food”. His books are widely translated in many languages. Among others: A History of Food (with J.-L. Flandrin) Food and Culture in the Middle Ages; The Banquet (in 3 volumes); Food as Culture; Standing Time for Meatballs; Italian Identity in the Kitchen; Medieval Tastes. The products, cooking, and mealtimes; Table Tales.

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