Edition: 2005
Pages: 200
Series: UL
ISBN: 9788842077190

Norberto Bobbio Between Law and Politics

Gustavo Zagrebelsky - Massimo L. Salvadori - Riccardo Guastini - Michelangelo Bovero - Pier Paolo Portinaro - Luigi Bonanate


The thematic junctions of law and politics - the supporting axes of Bobbio's thought - in the essays of six leading scholars.

The authors

Gustavo Zagrebelsky

Gustavo Zagrebelskyis professor emeritus of the University of Turin. His most recent publications include: Principles and Votes (2006); Learning Democracy (2007); The Law and Its Justice (2009). With Laterza he has published: Rights and the Constitution in the European Union; In Praise of Doubt. Interview on ethics and law; Against the Ethics of Truth; Trading Places. State and Church and the governance of man; The Happiness of Democracy. A dialogue (with Ezio Mauro); Against the Dictatorship of Now. Why we must talk about the ends.

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Massimo L. Salvadori

Massimo L. Salvadori is professor emeritus at the University of Turin. He was visiting professor at Columbia and Harvard Universities. He is also a regular contributor to the Italian daily La Repubblica. Several of his books have been translated into English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. Most recently, he published The Idea of Progress. Can we do without it? (Rome 2006) and Divided Italy. The tormented conscience of a nation (Rome 2007). With Laterza, amongst other works, he is the author of: The Socialist Opportunity in the Age of Globalisation (2001); The Left in Italian History (20013); The Anxieties of the Omnipotent Man (2003);The Americans’ Europe. From the founding fathers to Roosevelt (2005); The Twentieth Century. An introduction (20105); Democracies Without Democracy (20113).

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Riccardo Guastini

Riccardo Guastini is professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Genoa.

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Michelangelo Bovero

Michelangelo Bovero is professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Turin and also directs the city's School for Good Politics. His major published works include Society and State in Modern Political Philosophy (with Norberto Bobbio, 1979) and The Imbalances of Terror (with Ermanno Vitale, 2006).

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Pier Paolo Portinaro

Pier Paolo Portinaro is professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Turin.

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Luigi Bonanate

Luigi Bonanate is professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science and teaches the Inter-Faculty Course on Strategic Sciences in the University of Turin.

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