Edition: 2008
Pages: 172
Series: STL
ISBN: 9788842083801

In Praise of Doubt. Interview on ethics and law

Gustavo Zagrebelsky


Editiorial Trotta (Spain)



Whoever believes they possess the truth is exposed to dogmatism. Whoever claims to represent an alleged ‘natural law’ only paves the way for new conflicts. In our pluralist societies conceptions of a ‘just’ life co-exist in a state of continuous flux: this is what makes them so enriching. An examination of absolute justice and ‘leniency’, the value of the Constitution and power as commandment, the culture of rules and that of imposed ‘truth’, diversities and co-existence: the responses of a protagonist of Italian legal culture.

The author

Gustavo Zagrebelsky

Gustavo Zagrebelskyis professor emeritus of the University of Turin. His most recent publications include: Principles and Votes (2006); Learning Democracy (2007); The Law and Its Justice (2009). With Laterza he has published: Rights and the Constitution in the European Union; In Praise of Doubt. Interview on ethics and law; Against the Ethics of Truth; Trading Places. State and Church and the governance of man; The Happiness of Democracy. A dialogue (with Ezio Mauro); Against the Dictatorship of Now. Why we must talk about the ends.

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