Edition: 2022
Pages: 222
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788858131046

The Middle Ages and Women

Ferruccio Bertini - Franco Cardini - Mariateresa Fumagalli Beonio Brocchieri - Claudio Leonardi



The multi-faceted, enigmatic and fascinating face of the medieval woman has never been so well highlighted as in this volume by four great historians.

The authors

Ferruccio Bertini

Ferruccio Bertini teaches Latin literature at the University of Genoa. He published a critical edition of the Asinaria by Plautus, an edition with translation of the Amores by Ovid and the Commedie by Terence; for Laterza he has edited Medioevo al femminile (19964). He is the co-editor of «Maia», one of the most important Italian journals of classical literature.

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Franco Cardini

Franco Cardini is an emeritus professor at the Italian Institute of Human Sciences; Research Director at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris; Fellow of Harvard University; and a member of the scientific board of the Scuola Superiore di Scienze Storiche of the Università degli Studi, San Marino.

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Mariateresa Fumagalli Beonio Brocchieri

Mariateresa Fumagalli Beonio Brocchieri teaches History of Medieval Philosophy at the University of Milan. Her publications include: The Invisible Church (Milan 1978); Heloise and Abelard (Milan 1982); In A Different Aria (Milan 1992); and Pico della Mirandola (Milan 1999).

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Claudio Leonardi

Claudio Leonardi teaches Medieval Latin Literature at the University of Florence.

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