Edition: 2023
Pages: 366
Series: QL
ISBN: 9788842091110

The Great Questions of the Contemporary Era

Alberto Mario Banti



The French Revolution; the industrial revolution; nations and nationalist movements; the Risorgimento in Italy; the social classes; imperialism/colonialism; the Great War; the Bolshevik revolution and the Soviet Union; Fascism; the Second World War; Nazism and the extermination of the Jews; totalitarianism; the history of women and of gender; globalization and cultural conflicts; theories of civilization. Alberto Mario Banti selects fifteen key questions to introduce us to contemporary history, informed by the authors and the works that have proposed the most important interpretations of these major historical phases.

The author

Alberto Mario Banti

Alberto Mario Banti teaches Contemporary History at the University of Pisa. His most recent publications include: The Nation of the Risorgimento (Turin 2000) and The Honour of the Nation (Turin 2005).

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