Edition: 2009
Pages: 176
Series: CON
ISBN: 9788842088431

I Am As You Want Me To Be. Job stories

Carola Susani - Christian Raimo - Tommaso Pincio - Nicola Lagioia - Sara Ventroni - Cristiano de Majo - Fabio Viola - Peppe Fiore - Marco Di Porto - Emanuele Trevi - Marco Rovelli - Michela Murgia - Stefano Liberti - Elena Stancanelli - Antonio Pascale - Alessandro Leogrande - Giordano Meacci - Valerio Mattioli - Giorgio Falco - Lanfranco Caminiti



Stories of a world in which “work—of the real variety—has become a luxury good”. “In the end, I Am As You Want Me To Be becomes a manifesto. The protest of a generation incapable of protesting, afraid or unable to speak out for fear of sounding ridiculous, prepared for hard knocks from the beginning and therefore opposed to attaching any importance to their careers. Yet this same generation sees in the fissures, between daily life and work, relationships and pressing needs, the limits of their situation. The book becomes a manifesto because, with the same lucidity with which it narrates the condition of those who live and work, it cannot but evoke as a counterpart the shadow-life which is aspired to, and cannot but acknowledge, almost with embarrassment, this epic, dignified and important other life.”

The authors

Carola Susani

Carola Susani is a writer. Her novels and short stories have been published by Minimum Fax and Feltrinelli. With Laterza she published Childhood Is An Earthquake.

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Christian Raimo

Tommaso Pincio

Tommaso Pincio debuted as a novelist in 1999 with M., almost a literary re-visitation of the film Blade Runner set in an imaginary Berlin in 1969. He later published An Other Worldly Love (Einaudi 2002); The Girl Who Was Not Her (Einaudi 2005); China City (Einaudi 2008) and The Infinite Space (Minimum Fax 2010). With Laterza he published: Lots of Little Me’s in I Am As You Want Me. Tales on the job (2009). He is a regular contributor to the magazine Rolling Stone.

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Nicola Lagioia

Sara Ventroni

Sara Ventroni (b. Rome 1974) is a poetess who has published in various reviews and anthologies. As a performer she has taken part in the most important national and international literature festivals, and she won the first Italian poetry slam prize. For No Reply she published in 2005 the play Salomè. For Le Lettere she wrote In the Gasometer (2006). Her first novel is forthcoming with Rizzoli.

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Cristiano de Majo

Cristiano de Majo (b. Naples, 1975) published his long story Elephant System with Punctum in 2007 and the narrative reportage Italia 2, which he co-wrote with Fabio Viola, with Minimum Fax in 2008. For Laterza, he co-wrote with Francesco Longo The Life of Isaia Carter, avatar (2008).

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Fabio Viola

Fabio Viola (b. Rome 1975) has written several stories published in anthologies and edited for Giulio Perrone Collateral Effects. From the Ricucci affair to Vanna Marchi. With Cristiano de Majo ha he wrote the narrative reportage Italia 2 (Minimum Fax, 2008).

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Peppe Fiore

Peppe Fiore (b. Naples 1981). He has published stories in various anthologies and writes for the cultural pages of Italian daily “Liberazione”. He is the author of: Expecting a Child as a Young Father, Today (Coniglio, 2005) and Cagnanza e Padronanza (Gaffi, 2008).

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Marco Di Porto

Marco Di Porto (b. Rome 1979), is the author of stories that have been published in various reviews and anthologies. In 2007 for Pequod he wrote Kaddish 95 and Other Stories.

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Emanuele Trevi

Emanuele Trevi (b. Rome 1964), wrote the essays The Wolf Guide (Castelvecchi, 1995) and Distant Music (Mondadori, 1997) and the novel The Dogs from Nowhere, published by Einaudi in 2003. For Laterza he wrote the reportage A Summer in Rome (2004) and The Wave at the Port. A dream dreamt in Asia (2005).

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Marco Rovelli

Marco Rovelli (b. Massa 1968) published his book of poetry Body Exposed in 2004 (Memoranda) and two narrative surveys in 2006 and 2008: The Italian Lagers and Working Kills You (Rizzoli). After having been a member of the group Les anarchistes, he has recently decided to pursue a solo musical career.

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Michela Murgia

In 2006 Michela Murgia published with Isbn The World Must Know, Tragicomic diary of a month at work,which inspired the film Tutta la vita davanti by Paolo Virzì. With Einaudi she published the novel Accabadora, winner of the Premio Campiello 2010, Ave Mary (2011) and In the Present (2012) with Andrea Bajani, Paolo Nori and Giorgio Vasta.

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Stefano Liberti

Stefano Liberti (b. Rome 1974). Journalist for the daily “Manifesto”, he also contributes articles to other papers and writes for television programmes. Together with Tiziana Barrucci he co-wrote the essay Mixed Race Italy (Carocci, 2005), while his report South of Lampedusa was published in 2008 (Minimum Fax).

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Elena Stancanelli

Elena Stancanelli (b. Florence 1965). She debuted in 1998 with Petrol, followed in 2001 by her second novel The Actresses (both published by Einaudi). In 2006 Laterza published her Florence As a Child and in 2007, Minimum Fax published her work, To Imagine a Life, You Need Another One.

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Antonio Pascale

Antonio Pascale (b. Naples 1966) grew up in Caserta and lives and works in Rome. With Einaudi he published The Distracted City (new edition in 2009 Return to the Distracted City), the collection of stories entitled The Maintenance of Affections (2003); Beauty Fades (2005) and Science and Sentiment (2009). In 2006 he published The Time Has Come (Minimum Fax). He contributes articles to "Il Mattino", "Limes", "Lo Straniero" and writes for the websites salmone.org and newclear.it.

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Alessandro Leogrande

Alessandro Leogrande (b. Taranto 1977) is the co-director of the monthly review "Straniero" and contributes articles to various newspapers. He is the author of the narrative report, A Hidden Sea (2000), the survey Lives of Crime. Tales of smuggling and multinationals (2003), and In the Viceroys' Country. Italy between peace and war (2006). In 2008 Mondadori published his book: Are We Men or Corporals?

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Giordano Meacci

Giordano Meacci (b. Rome 1971). He wrote the narrative report Improvising the Twentieth Century. Pasolini professor (Minimum Fax, 1999), the essay Understudies. Guide to the minor characters (Scuola Holden-Rizzoli, 2002) and in 2005, again for Minimum Fax, the collection of stories All That I Can. With the Accademia degli Scrausi he published The Sung Language (Garamond, 1994), Rock Verses (Rizzoli, 1996) and A Writer's Word (Minimum Fax, 1997).

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Valerio Mattioli

Valerio Mattioli (b. Rome 1978) writes for the cultural pages of daily “Liberazione”, for the “XL” magazine of daily “La Repubblica” and edited the book-review “Catastrophe” (formerly “Torazine”). Editor of “Blow Up”, he writes the column on music and new media called “Allcrackedmedias”.

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Giorgio Falco

Giorgio Falco (b. Milan 1967). Coffee-Break was his first novel (Sironi, 2004). His second was published shortly afterwards by Einaudi “Stile Libero”. He has published stories in various anthologies, including Euphorias edited by Giulio Mozzi and Marina Bastianello (Il Poligrafo, 2001) and Tales of New Year’s Eve (DeriveApprodi, 2006).

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Lanfranco Caminiti

Lanfranco Caminiti (b. Messina 1959) writes for numerous dailies and has published or edited several essays in books and periodicals. We recall here: his historical survey in three volumes, The Self-Employed, which he co-wrote with Sergio Bianchi, published by DeriveApprodi. Between 2003 and 2004 he also directed the monthly review "Accattone - Cronache Romane" and between 2006 and 2007 "Il maleppeggio - Storie di lavori". Website: www.lanfranco.org.

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