Edition: 1999
Pages: 796
Series: SS
ISBN: 9788842058540

History of Italy - vol. VI. Contemporary Italy. From 1963 to date.

Giovanni Sabbatucci, Vittorio Vidotto (a cura di)


In an age of rapid transformation such as the one Italy is living at the moment, the need to understand not only the actual reasons but also the roots of the problems is urgent. The end of the Eighteenth century and the beginning of the Nineteenth are the start of a profoundly different history in Italy. Only from that time has the whole of Italy had to face the problems of modernity, such as the concept of Nation, political unity and economic development. This work is the result of the activity of some of the greatest historians of the new generation, who have renewed our knowledge on the history of Italy, starting from the way of its unification. Six volumes divided chronologically - from the early Nineteenth century to date - contain an original interpretation of the history of Italy, overcoming the ideological schemes of the past. The simplicity of the language and the systematic dealing of information, which deals both with politics and economics, as well as social phenomena and culture. The thoroughness of information and the richness of the studying apparatus (bibliography, statistic tables, chronology and indexes) make this Storia d'Italia a precious instrument for consultation. The years following the «economic miracle» and the rise to power of the centre-left coalition, Italy changes at an unprecedented speed. The economic and demographic indexes show rapid change and reveal a new set of behaviors, habits and consumes. Also the cultural world receives new stimulus, despite the strong ideologies present. The Italian political system still remains, notwithstanding the changes in government, a fundamental immobility, gradually losing the capacity to govern the social and economic changes in the country. The crisis which opens the '90's (the end of the cold war, the inauguration of the European Union, Tangentopoli) forces changes which have not as yet formed a consolidated picture.

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Giovanni Sabbatucci

Giovanni Sabbatucci is professor of Contemporary History at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

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Vittorio Vidotto

Vittorio Vidotto is professor of Contemporary History at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

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