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Argomenti: Cinema: storia e saggi, Viaggi, turismo e sport


A Film tourism Guide

pref. di A. Gaeta, itinerari di A. Benvenuto, C. Foschini, A. Gaeta, G. Indennitate, T. Pepe, trad. di S. Donahue

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Apulia in the cinema, the cinema in Apulia. Ten itineraries in the light of a region where films come to life.

The cinema has changed the way people see Apulia. This has happened in recent years when entire sequences of a land where every single thing is generously lighted, have courted the darkness of theatres around the world. A Baroque light in Loose Cannons by Ferzan Ozpetek who – in the words of the judges at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York when they presented the film with an award - “makes you want to immediately book a trip to southern Italy.” White seastacks rising out of the crystal waters of the Gargano, where the stars of Bollywood dance inHousefull by Sajid Khan, a film seen by over 400 million Indians. Free and easy trullo houses for the duo Zalone-Caparezza in What a Beautiful Day by Gennaro Nunziante, all-time top grossing Italian film. Hundreds of sets which in recent years have criss-crossed Puglia, and as many filmmakers, including Olmi, Martone, Paskaljevic´, Ciprì, Vicari, Gaglianone, di Robilant, Rubini, Placido, Wertmüller, and Winspeare. And which, in past decades, attracted – among others - Pasolini, Bene, Monicelli, Taviani, Sordi, Zeffirelli Moretti, Amelio, Salvatores, Soldini, and Avati.
An invitation to travel, to see for yourself that in Apulia the word cinema exists, with 10 itineraries that help reveal it, surprising and changeable, with an incredible wealth of history, charm, myths, stones carved by genius and by the wind, crystal clear seas and iron red skies.
A guide for writers and producers who are looking for locations for their films. But also for travellers in search of unexpected destinations and places to see, like films.

With contributions from Renzo Arbore, Alessandro Barbero, Alessandro Baricco, Franco Cardini, Gianrico Carofiglio, Al Bano Carrisi, Franco Cassano, Gino Castaldo, Nico Cirasola, Roberto Cotroneo, Caterina d’Amico, Giancarlo De Cataldo, Steve Della Casa, Mario Desiati, Nicola Lagioia, Pietro Marino, Raffaele Nigro, Alessandro Piva, Pulsatilla, Sergio Rubini, Tito Schipa Jr., Maurizio Sciarra, Lina Wertmüller, Edoardo Winspeare. Preface by Antonella Gaeta. Itineraries by Alessandra Benvenuto, Costantino Foschini, Antonella Gaeta, Gloria Indennitate, Teo Pepe.

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Edizione: 2012
Pagine: 312
Collana: Opere varie
ISBN: 9788842099369


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