Edition: 2021
Pages: 456
Series: BSL
ISBN: 9788858111420

Ancient Rome

Andrea Giardina (a cura di)



«The character of ancient Rome is hidden in an inevitable misunderstanding, wrapped up in the expression ‘history of Rome’. There are no uncertainties or ambiguities if we say the ’history of Paris’ or of London, or of any other city in the world. Yet if we say ‘history of Rome’ we don’t know exactly which account we are referring to: whether it is that of the city in the strict sense of the word, or also of that conspicuous part of the earth’s land and population that for many centuries lived under the city’s dominion.»

The author

Andrea Giardina

Andrea Giardina is professor of Roman History at the Italian Institute of Human Sciences, president of the Italian Institute for Ancient History and member of the Lincean Academy. His most recent publications include, Cassiodorus the Politician (Rome 2006).

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