Edition: 2003
Pages: 462
Series: SS
ISBN: 9788842061311

History of Rome from Antiquity to Date. Ancient Rome

Andrea Giardina


From the foundation of Rome to the Gothic invasion, more than thirteen histories have left an incalculable amount of histories and buildings. The Ancients were already conscious of the impossibility of writing a "chronicle" of those centuries. It is however possible to attempt the recovery of some fundamental aspects of Rome, those aspects which determine the character of this unique city. Aspects constituted by physical and social spaces, by things and men. A selection of the greatest Italian and foreign experts in the subject have outlined this great portrait of Ancient Rome in its various components: religion, politics, society, economy, population, public and private building, communication, shows.

The author

Andrea Giardina

Andrea Giardina is professor of Roman History at the Italian Institute of Human Sciences, president of the Italian Institute for Ancient History and member of the Lincean Academy. His most recent publications include, Cassiodorus the Politician (Rome 2006).

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