Edition: 2010
Pages: 106
Series: IR/L
ISBN: 9788842094012

The Terrible Story of Nero told by Andrea Giardina

Andrea Giardina


"Everything began in the mind of a mother - Agrippina- who resolved that her child would ascend to the throne. Her ambition was well founded. Agrippina was the great-grandchild of Augustus, the first Roman emperor, and sister of Caligula, the second successor to Augustus, wife of Claudius, the then sovereign. The son that Agrippina wanted to bring to power was born, however, from a previous marriage. He was Lucio Domizio Enobarbo, who like many of his forebears was called Nero, the 'strong one'."

Sadistic persecutor or victim of court politics, a tyrant devoured by folly or adolescent overwhelmed by events, a monster in power or magnanimous sovereign? With a light touch and drawing on his vast research, Andrea Giardina recounts the life of the most loved and most despised emperor in history.

The author

Andrea Giardina

Andrea Giardina is professor of Roman History at the Italian Institute of Human Sciences, president of the Italian Institute for Ancient History and member of the Lincean Academy. His most recent publications include, Cassiodorus the Politician (Rome 2006).

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