Edition: 2006
Pages: 150
Series: LR
ISBN: 9788842060932

History of Francis, the saint who could laugh

Teresa Buongiorno - Chiara Frugoni


The authors have used images as the guide line of the book: over ninety minatures work as a historical comic strip telling the story of Saint Francis, a very unusual and happy saint who considered joy a virtue and had even forbidden his friars to wear sad expressions. Curiosities and instructive information alternate in this narration whithout interruption. You will learn why Francis constantly thought of King Arthur and the Round Table, why he was so interested in fashionable language, which were his favourite biscuits and why, on his death bed, he asked a great friend to bring him these biscuits from Rome.

The authors

Teresa Buongiorno

Teresa Buongiorno having started her career as a historian has turned to journalism. She is principally concerned with mass media, literature and children's culture. She has edited various children's programmes for RAI Television and has published historical novels, generally set in the Middle Ages. Of these we mention: Il ragazzo che fu Carlomagno (winner of the Andersen Prize, Turin 1985), Il marchio dei Merovingi (winner of the Selezione Bancarellino Prize, Turin 1987), Camelot. L'invenzione della tavola rotonda (Milan 1995) and Il Dizionario della fiaba (Milan 1997). Her work has been translated into many languages including Braille.

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Chiara Frugoni

Chiara Frugoni is among the greatest scholars of Medieval History in Italy. Her books, which have been translated into many languages throughout the world, have been highly successful and reprinted on numerous occasions. She taught Medieval History in the Universities of Pisa and Rome.

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