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The Force of Destiny. A history of Italy since 1796

The Force of Destiny. A history of Italy since 1796
The Force of Destiny. A history of Italy since 1796
Edition: 2013
Series: EL [644]
ISBN: 9788858108086
Subject area: Contemporary history, History of Italy
  • Pages 794
  • 14,00 Euro

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“The Italian patriots, who two centuries ago began to transform a peninsula with profound political and cultural divisions into one unified State, knew that the task they had set themselves was enormously difficult. The fact that this State was actually formed in 1861, just fourteen years after prince Metternich had disparagingly referred to Italy as a mere ‘geographical expression’, struck many contemporaries as little short of miraculous.”

Ever since the youngest of the great Western nations was established amidst much clamour – shattering the European geopolitical equilibrium – it has been a hothouse of ambitions and frustrations, surges of momentum, and bitter defeats, an explosive mix that to this day makes Italy an authentic Pandora’s box.

Christopher Duggan traces the long history of the idea of the ‘nation’, from the Unification of Mazzini, Garibaldi and Cavour, up to the dawn of the new millennium, and unravels that thread of Italic destiny which drove a country riven by apparently insurmountable contradictions towards unification.

These dense and highly fluid pages are illuminating for the wisdom with which the author identifies and isolates several persistent trends which, from the first tremors of the Risorgimento, reverberate to the present day. Corrado Augias, ilVenerdì di Repubblica

A lovely book that traces the historical profile of an Italy with a precarious sense of the nation and of the State. Guido Gentili, Il Sole 24 Ore

This history by Christopher Duggan certainly provides us with plenty of food for thought. A highly readable book, which becomes the history of the idea of Italy. Alessio Altichieri, Corriere della Sera

Christopher Duggan possesses an erudite and brilliant style, and the sharp eye of the external observer, unclouded by the ideological diatribe that has always conditioned every effort to piece together the unitary narrative of Europe’s most fragmented country. Mauro Calise, IlMattino

A brilliant essay, which explains both the success of the national movement in building Italy, and the long series of political defeats that followed. David Gilmour, The Spectator

The Force of Destinyis a pleasure to read and an enduring tribute to Italy's struggle to free itself from foreign occupation and become one nation. The Daily Telegraph



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