Edition: 2023
Pages: 386
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788858128770

Nothing Comes From Nothing. Notes for a methodology of design

Bruno Munari


Misuzu Shobo (Japanese); Gustavo Gili (world Spanish); Almedina/Edicoes 70 (Portuguese in Portugal); Pyramyd (French)



Among the great works of Munari, this is the book that perhaps makes readers happiest due to the enchanting nimbleness with which he demonstrates that knowing how to design something is not the exclusive and innate gift of the minority. There is a creative capacity alive in every one of us, talent that Munari helps develop and highlight in these pages.

The author

Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari (b. 1907 Milan d.1998), painter, designer and experimenter in new art forms, played a decisive role in the history of design in Italy and throughout the world. Laterza has published all of his major works.

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