Edition: 2024
Pages: 254
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788858128756

Design as Art

Bruno Munari


Penguin (world English); Ed. de la Durée (Vietnamese); Cobògo (Portuguese in Brazil); Ayrinti (Turkish); Open Books (Thai); Faces (Taiwanese); Asia Publisher (Hbrew); Almedina/Edicoes 70 (Portuguese in Portugal); Shanghai 99 (Chinese Simpl.): Aronov Dimitri (Russian); d2d (Polish); Doosung Publ. (Korean); Pyramyd (French); Gustavo Gili (world Spanish)



The classic, highly original work in which a great Italian artist, famous the world over for his inventive and whimsical creations, has demolished once and for all the myth of the artist-diva and substituted it with the figure of the “designer”. Through a fascinating analysis of his works and interests, accompanied by clear and appetising drawings and images, Munari offers readers an exhaustive presentation of design and of his various specializations: visual design – industrial design – graphic design – and research design.

The author

Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari (b. 1907 Milan d.1998), painter, designer and experimenter in new art forms, played a decisive role in the history of design in Italy and throughout the world. Laterza has published all of his major works.

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