Edition: 2014
Pages: 154
Series: CON
ISBN: 9788858112298

Vertical Sea. From Cinque Terre to Bocca di Magra

Marco Ferrari



An account of the incredible retreat of the Italian intellectual: his heyday and his decline.
A cultural and alternative guide to Italy’s Cinque Terre.
An expanse of open and diffuse light, a mild breeze, my gaze is drawn to the languorous curve of the Tyrrhenian sea. There were many there, perhaps by chance, perhaps occasional guests that intended to stay for a night but instead lingered on for the whole summer. Ever since artists realized that in order to be beautiful a landscape must also have a soul, painters, writers and travellers have come to the Cinque Terre and Bocca di Magra in their hundreds.    
“Lower your eyes, Jack: we’ll walk down the path, between the dahlias and hydrangeas. Now we are on the avenue lined with Japanese mock-orange shrubs, now the pebble-dashed path leading to the sea and the white strand.” 

The author

Marco Ferrari

Marco Ferrari, a journalist and a writer, is a profound connoisseur of Portugal, of its history and culture. From his succesufull novel Alla rivoluzione con una due cavalli he drew the script of the homonymous film that won the Locarno Film Festival in 2001.

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