Edition: 2024
Pages: 146
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788842095569

The Life of Things

Remo Bodei


Amorrutu (Spagna) - Matthes & Seitz (Germania) - Les edition circé (France)



Bodei pursues the distinction between objects and things, whereby things are what we have made an emotional investment in, while objects are simply the opposite of subjects. Still lifes, to which Bodei devotes some of the most beautiful pages of this book, are the maximum expression of transience. While objects triumph over death, subjects do not, unless they are embalmed, becoming objects immune to time. Maurizio Ferraris, Il Sole 24 Ore

There is something exceptional and surprising about this book, even if it begins with an observation that everyone at a certain point in their life has made: things live within us but also have their own life independent of us. Bodei tackles and resolves a series of thorny issues that often get entangled in our mind and thoughts. Eugenio Scalfari, L'espresso

Simple things. Plain objects, brand new or already used, intact or consumed, in any event destined for insignificance and destruction. Is this the fate of things? Or does another view of them exist, capable in some way of delivering them from an anonymous and inert destiny? This is the searching and original question asked by Remo Bodei in this book. Roberto Esposito, La Repubblica

The author

Remo Bodei

Remo Bodei is professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles, prior to which he taught for many years at the Scuola Normale Superiore and the University of Pisa. His most recent works, which have been widely translated, include: with Mulino, Ordo amoris(1991), The Forms of Beauty (1995), Pyramids of Time. The history and theory of déjà vu (2006), Anger. The furious passion (2011); with Feltrinelli, Geometry of Passions (1991), Personal Destinies. The age of the colonization of minds (2002); with Donzelli, Philosophy in the Twentieth Century (1997), Doctor Freud and the Soul’s Nerves (2001); with Zanichelli, A Spark of Fire. Invitation to Philosophy (2005); with Bompiani, Sublime Landscapes (2008). With Laterza he published The Logic of Delirium (20023) and The Life of Objects (20126).

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