Edition: 2014
Pages: 140
Series: CON
ISBN: 9788842090823

In the Middle of the River. Walking in the two centres of Rome

Sandra Petrignani


Laurella & Wallin (Sweden)



It is necessary to fall deeply in love with Rome to remember the Tiber, to recognise it as the blood that runs in the city’s veins.

“The Seine flows into the English Channel, the Tiber into the Tyrrhenian Sea, and therefore while one flows north, the other flows south. This is why the rive gauche of Rome, in the political sense, is geographically speaking la rive droite. And Trastevere, which embodies the intellectual, artistic and bohemian district of the city – the equivalent of Saint Germain in Paris, located on the left of the river Seine – is, instead on the right hand side of the Tiber.” Over and under its bridges, in the company of artists and tramps, Sandra Petrignani listens to the intimate stories brought by the river and embarks on a pilgrimage of the masterly, hidden beauty of Rome.

The author

Sandra Petrignani

Sandra Petrignani was born in Piacenza and now lives in the countryside in Umbria. She has worked extensively in cultural journalism for newspapers and magazines. Author of novels, short stories, travel books, memoirs, and biographies, she has published for Neri Pozza: La scrittrice abita qui (2002), travel book about the museum-houses of great authors of the twentieth century, from Woolf to Yourcenar, from Colette to Deledda and Blixen; Marguerite (2014), a novel dedicated to the figure of Duras; La corsara. Ritratto di Natalia Ginzburg (2018). Her books are translated into many languages. For Laterza, E in mezzo il fiume. A piedi nei due centri di Roma (2010).

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