Edition: 2005
Pages: 350
Series: CS
ISBN: 9788842074984

Machiavelli’s God and Italy’s Moral Dilemma

Maurizio Viroli


Neither atheist nor pagan, as so many have defined him, Viroli's Machiavelli locates his God in the Republican Christian tradition that existed in Florence. A tradition founded on the principle whereby the true Christian is a good citizen that serves the common good and freedom. God participates in human affairs, he supports and awards those who govern justly, he desires men to make the earthly city similar to the divine one. Machiavelli adumbrates a religion of virtues without which the free Republics could not be born, nor live, nor defend themselves against corruption. Not as a supporter of a new theology but as a prophet of a true religion of patriotic love, of a new way of moral and political living, that rediscovers and actively pursues the values of charity and justice.

The author

Maurizio Viroli

Maurizio Viroli is Professor of Government at the University of Texas (Austin), Professor of Political Communication at the University of Italian Switzerland at Lugano and Professor Emeritus of Politics at Princeton University. He is the author of numerous books, all widely translated, including: Republicanism (1999); Niccolò’s Smile. History of Machiavelli (20002); For the Love of Country. Patriotism and nationalism in history(20012); Dialogue on the Republic (with Norberto Bobbio, 20036);Machiavelli’s God and Italy’s Moral Problem (2005); The Florence Years (with other authors, 2009); The Intransigent (20123);The Freedom of Slaves (201213).

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