Edition: 2023
Pages: 192
Series: AC
ISBN: 9788858151471

Technosophy. Towards a new science

Maurizio Ferraris - Guido Saracco



The most powerful drug available to humans is technology, and the most powerful technology is the capital. The alliance between technology and humanism can empower this capital for the benefit of all, transforming it into a heritage of humanity.

The more technology and humanism know how to interact, the more mankind will positively plough the road to progress. This is the idea that inspires this book, a collaboration between a philosopher and a technologist. Both, in fact, promote a positive judgement of technology because if it is true - following the Greek etymon - that it is both a poison and a remedy, it is undeniable that technological capacity belongs to humanity from its origins. And therein lies the capacity to preserve and multiply the value of its material and cultural assets for the benefit of future generations.

The authors

Maurizio Ferraris

Maurizio Ferraris teaches Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Turin, is president of Labont (Centre for Ontology) and directs 'Scienza Nuova', the institute of advanced studies that unites the University and the Polytechnic of Turin in the design of a sustainable future. Visiting professor at Harvard, Oxford, Munich, Paris, columnist for "Corriere della Sera" and "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", author of successful television programmes and over sixty books translated worldwide, he is, philosophically, the founder of New Realism. Among his publications for Laterza: Documentalità. Perché è necessario lasciar tracce (2009); Mobilitazione totale (2015); Documanità. Filosofia del mondo nuovo (2021); Manifesto del nuovo realismo (n.e. 2022) and, whit Guido Saracco,.Tecnosofia. Tecnologia e umanesimo per una scienza nuova (2023).

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Guido Saracco

Guido Saracco is professor of Chemical Foundations of Technologies at the Polytechnic University of Turin, where he has been rector since March 2018. A corresponding member of the Turin Academy of Sciences, he has written on chemical engineering, nanotechnology, renewable energy, environmental protection, biotechnology and photocatalysis.

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