Edition: 2023
Pages: 336
Series: IR/L
ISBN: 9788858150733

Mussolini recounts Mussolini

Mimmo Franzinelli (a cura di)



Ever since his youth, Benito Mussolini had started writing about himself. He had continued during the First World War with a diary in which he recounted his adventures as a military reporter. In 1932, he had talked at length with the German journalist Emil Ludwig to describe the life of a dictator in the limelight and behind the scenes. Recounting his fall and the trauma caused by the loss of power, there are also the numerous letters and confessions to his lover Claretta Petacci and his thoughts on his imprisonment in August 1943.
In short, what we have here is an extraordinary documentation, collected for the first time, that shows how Mussolini gave peculiar prominence to his image, how he imposed a certain vision of himself, and how he changed his self-representation in the course of his life. A unique book to reconsider one of the fundamental figures, a dictator of the twentieth century, showing his psychopathology, from the pursuit of power to the dictatorial management of the State, up to the bloody decline of Salò.

The author

Mimmo Franzinelli

Mimmo Franzinelli, a scholar of fascism and Republican Italy, is a member of the Ernesto Rossi and Gaetano Salvemini Foundation in Florence. Among his most recent books, Il filosofo in camicia nera. Giovanni Gentile e gli intellettuali di Mussolini (Mondadori 2021) and L’insurrezione fascista. Storia e mito della marcia su Roma (Mondadori 2022). For Laterza he is the author of Storia della Resistenza (with Marcello Flores, 2019), Storia della Repubblica Sociale Italiana. 1943-1945 (2020) and Il fascismo è finito il 25 aprile 1945 (2022).

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