Edition: 2022
Pages: 272
Series: IR/L
ISBN: 9788858146095

I Will Not Miss The Road. What the route can teach us

Luigi Nacci


Libra (Polish)



A precious book that encourages us to walk, each at his own pace: to become nomads in order to be free.

This book consists of texts written over a period of ten years. It can be read with similar slowness. It can be opened at random, read from beginning to end or vice versa, read in pieces, in fragments, or not read at all - it can be left closed, in the shadows, waiting for an uncertain hand to come, sooner or later, to open it. Walking means abandoning comfort and established habits; renouncing the secure network of affection and knowledge; relying on the unknown and the strangers you will meet along the way. Embarking on a journey means being content with what is essential and rediscovering the limits of one's own body; it means facing up to fears and slowly learning to look at one's neighbour and the world with trust. A book full of stories of "wandering" around Europe, including literary tales and journeys undertaken by putting oneself on the line. Because setting out on a journey on foot means choosing another life. A simple life in which every encounter is a door and every face a journey. Every path a way to explore the world and oneself.

The author

Luigi Nacci

Luigi Nacci, born in 1978 in Trieste, is a poet and writer. ‘Viandanza', a word that he has placed at the centre of his research as a man and a writer, is for him a way of holding together the sedentary and the nomadic one. He is a teacher, a journalist, an environmental excursion guide. After several poetry volumes, he has published the books Alzati e cammina (Ediciclo 2014), Viandanza (Laterza 2016) and Trieste selvatica (Laterza 2019).
He explores the eastern and western edgesof Europe on foot. He loves going off-path.

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