Edition: 2019
Pages: 206
Series: UL
ISBN: 9788842092971
Subject area: Prime lezioni

Master Class on the Pyschology of Communication

Luigi Anolli


Univesitat de Barcelona (Spain)



What does it mean to communicate? In what way do we communicate when we don’t use words? How can we increase awareness of communicative processes in which, whether we want to or not, we are leading actors in everyday life? Luigi Anolli guides us on a journey to understand one of humanity’s most complex and continuously evolving activities. From communication to gestures to forms of communication mediated by computers and the internet, this Master Class is a fascinating story that says much about the nature of life itself.

The author

Luigi Anolli

Luigi Anolli is professor of Psychology of Communication at the University Milan-Bicocca. He also directs the Centre of Studies for Communicational Sciences (CESCOM). His most recent publications include: Psychology of Culture (Bologna 2004); The Hidden Structure of Interaction (with S. Duncan Jr., M.S. Magnusson and G. Riva, Amsterdam 2005); Foundations of Communicational Psychology (Bologna 2006).

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