Edition: 2009
Pages: 192
Series: UL
ISBN: 9788842090403


Luigi Anolli


Seduction is an extraordinary and magical experience in which we bring our entire self into play. It is a refined art, a high-risk operation, a fascinating, thrilling and vital challenge. It is the ability to attract and conquer the heart, mind and body of another human being who up to that moment was a stranger. This book is aimed at those who, with intelligence and passion, wish to understand the formidable secrets of seduction.

The author

Luigi Anolli

Luigi Anolli is professor of Psychology of Communication at the University Milan-Bicocca. He also directs the Centre of Studies for Communicational Sciences (CESCOM). His most recent publications include: Psychology of Culture (Bologna 2004); The Hidden Structure of Interaction (with S. Duncan Jr., M.S. Magnusson and G. Riva, Amsterdam 2005); Foundations of Communicational Psychology (Bologna 2006).

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