Edition: 2022
Pages: 204
Series: UL
ISBN: 9788842091592
Subject area: Prime lezioni

Master Class in Modern History

Giuseppe Galasso


Edicones Polifemo (Spagna)



What is modern history? Where does it begin and where does it end? And what does modern mean? Are we already in a post-modern world? Galasso tells us that modern is the period of time from the end of the Middle Ages to today and that therefore contemporary history is only the most recent modern history; modernity has marked a more radical leap of quality in the human condition than that which occurred in the Neolithic period; post-modern is merely a new, even more modern, modern.

The author

Giuseppe Galasso

Giuseppe Galasso, professor emeritus at the University of Naples “Federico II”, was formerly president of the Venice Biennale and promoter of the “Galasso law” for landscape protection. He is a member of the Lincean Academy and directs the History of Italy series published by Utet. He also edited many works by Benedetto Croce for Adelphi. His publications include: History of the Kingdom of Naples (5 volumes, Utet) and Nothing but History. Essays on the theory and methodology of history (Il Mulino).

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