Edition: 2009
Pages: 508
Series: OV
ISBN: 9788842088622
Subject area: Centro Europeo di Studi Normanni. Fonti e Studi

The Euro-Mediterranean Middle Ages and the Mezzogiorno in Italy from Justinian to Frederick II

Giuseppe Galasso


The series unites original texts, documents, and critical studies on Medieval Europe with special regard to the Norman civilisation and its various manifestations in the different national contexts. Against the background of the great European and Mediterranean history, Giuseppe Galasso evokes a crucial period for the Mezzogiorno, from Italy's division into Longobardian and Byzantine areas to Arabian, papal and Germanic pressures and interferences, up to the great history of the Norman and Swabian monarchies. In a broad affresco, the perennial dialectic between internal dynamics, closures or openings, mediations or adaptation to the outside world, initiatives and passivity, successes and failures-all shedding light on the nature, specificity and historic role of the Mezzogiorno in those centuries and beyond.

The author

Giuseppe Galasso

Giuseppe Galasso, professor emeritus at the University of Naples “Federico II”, was formerly president of the Venice Biennale and promoter of the “Galasso law” for landscape protection. He is a member of the Lincean Academy and directs the History of Italy series published by Utet. He also edited many works by Benedetto Croce for Adelphi. His publications include: History of the Kingdom of Naples (5 volumes, Utet) and Nothing but History. Essays on the theory and methodology of history (Il Mulino).

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