Edition: 2017
Pages: 274
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788842081616

The Sicilians

Gaetano Savatteri


Eccentric aristocrats, tenacious mothers, indefatigable potentates, tormented women, heinous assassins: lives and plans intermingle in the pages of Sicilians in an intriguing journey through time and the places of the mythical land of Sicily, a 'densely populated literary space' where the tendrils of men take root in their starkest or most baroque forms.

The author

Gaetano Savatteri

Gaetano Savatteriwas born in Milan in 1964, raised in Sicily and lives Rome. A journalist, he has also written novels and non-fiction. He is the author of the hit series, published by Sellerio, based on the protagonists Saverio Lamanna and Peppe Piccionello. He is also the author of I siciliani (2005), a long-standing success, and Non c’è più la Sicilia di una volta (2018), and the editor of Potere criminale. Intervista sulla storia della mafia di Salvatore Lupo(2010) and Il contagio by Giuseppe Pignatone and Michele Prestipino (2012), all published by Laterza.

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