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The Tragic Comedy of Samuel Beckett

The Tragic Comedy of Samuel Beckett
The Tragic Comedy of Samuel Beckett
«Beckett in Rome», 17-19 April 2008
con ill.
edizione fuori commercio disponibile in formato PDF (mb 2,5)
Edizione: 2009
Collana: Roma Tor Vergata University Press on-line
ISBN: 9788842090700
Argomenti: Teatro: storia e saggi
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In breve

The Beckett in Rome Conference was prompted by the centenary of Samuel Beckett’s birth and by his love of Italian culture. The Conference was held at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in April 2008. This volume includes the original essays of most speakers at the Conference, among them Chris Ackerley, Enoch Brater, Mary Bryden, Laura Caretti, Daniela Caselli, Patrizia Fusella, Stanley E. Gontarski, Carla Locatelli, John Pilling, Shane Weller and many others.



Daniela Guardamagna and Rossana M. Sebellin: Introduction

Beckett and Italy

John Pilling, Beckett and Italian Literature (after Dante) - Daniela Caselli, The Politics of Reading Dante in Beckett’s Mercier and / et Camier and “The Calmative” / “Le calmant”

Self-Translation, and the Genesis of Beckett’s Writing

Rossana M. Sebellin, Bilingualism and Bi-textuality: Samuel Beckett’s Double Texts - Dirk Van Hulle and Mark Nixon, Beckett’s Library – From Marginalia to Notebooks

The Anxiety of Influence: Beckett and the Cultural Context

Mary Bryden, “Hommage furtif”: Cixous’s Difficult Love of Beckett - Heather Gardner, Company - Roberta Cauchi Santoro, Marinetti and Beckett: A Theatrical Continuum - Davide Crosara, Breathing the Void - Mariacristina Cavecchi, Samuel Beckett, Visual Artist - Iain Bailey, Beckett, Drama, and the Writing on the Wall - Mario Faraone, “Pity we haven’t a piece of rope”: Beckett, Zen and the Lack of a Piece of Rope

Beckett and Philosophers

Carla Locatelli, Ways of Beckett’s Poems: “il se passe devant / allant sans but” - David Tucker, Murphy, Geulincx and an Occasional(ist) Game of Chess - David Addyman, Beckett and Place: The Lie of the Land - Shane Weller, The Art of Indifference: Adorno’s Manuscript Notes on The Unnamable - Lorenzo Orlandini, “A Limbo purged of desire”: Body and Sexuality in Beckett’s Dream of Fair to Middling Women

Beckett’s Theatre: Text and Performances

A. Text

Enoch Brater, The Seated Figure on Beckett’s Stage - Chris Ackerley, “The Past in Monochrome”: (In)voluntary Memory in Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape - Hugo Bowles, The ‘Untellability’ of Stories in Endgame - Patrizia Fusella, Chamber Music and Camera Trio: Samuel Beckett’s Second Television Play

B. Performances

Stanley E. Gontarski, Redirecting Beckett - Daniela Guardamagna, Cecchi’s Endgame, and the Question of Fidelity - Rosemary Pountney, Stringent Demands: Aspects of Beckett in Performance - Laura Caretti, Winnie’s Italian Stage - Anastasia Deligianni, Friendgame

Beckett and Cinema

Lino Belleggia, The Indiscreet Charm of the Cinematic Eye in Samuel Beckett’s Film - Seb Franklin, “as from an evil core... the evil spread”: Beckett and Horror Cinema

Appendix: Performances and Images

Giulia Lazzarini, Remembering Happy Days - Ninny Aiuto, Aspittannu a Godot - Antonio Borriello, Beckett the Euclidean (as is he who interprets him) - Bill Prosser, Beckett’s Doodles

Notes on Contributors

Index of Works by Samuel Beckett

Index of Names and Works


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