Edition: 2024
Pages: 336
Series: CSL
ISBN: 9788858153512


Giovanni Brizzi



One of the foremost historians of the ancient world investigates what power was in one of the greatest empire in history.

Power in ancient Rome The history of Rome, throughout its millenary course, is accompanied by a very special and original concept: that one expressed in the word Imperium, that means that power is also confronted with a series of duties. What was power in ancient Rome? A consul, a tribune, a triumvir, what powers did they have and for what purposes? How was the very existence of a commander justified, and to whom was he accountable? Was the empire of Caesar different from that of Augustus or Justinian? This original and innovative study analyses all these features, from the birth of the urbe to the end of the empire.

The author

Giovanni Brizzi

Giovanni Brizziis professor emeritus at the Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna. He has also taught at Sassari, Udine and the Sorbonne and is an officier in the Order of the Palmes Académiques of the French State. His most recent publications for Laterza include Scipione e Annibale. La guerra per salvare Roma (2007), 70 d.C. La conquista di Gerusalemme (2015) e Io, Annibale. Memorie di un condottiero (2019).

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