Edition: 2023
Pages: 320
Series: IR/L
ISBN: 9788858149331

Storia della Terra

Alessandro Iannace


Lejand (Turkish); Shanghai Culture (Chinese Simpl.)



A history of the Earth that tells of rocks, earthquakes, the men who have studied them, discoveries, myths and dreams. But also, and above all, the great questions humans have asked themselves while observing the wonders and terrifying phenomena that occur on the planet we inhabit.
With a comprehensive approach that holds nature and man together, this book takes us not only on the long journey of our planet from its formation to the present day, but also shows us how we humans have tried to understand and explain it – from the earliest insights into its shape to recent explorations of the ocean floor.

The author

Alessandro Iannace

Alessandro Iannace is Professor of Stratigraphic Geology at the Federico II University in Naples. Part of his most recent research is dedicated to analysing the historical development of the epistemological foundations of geology.

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