Edition: 2022
Pages: 288
Series: IR/L
ISBN: 9788858148334

Rome, by Walking

Francesco Rutelli



Eighteen itineraries to do on foot (and only on foot!) to discover the fascinating places of Rome, in the most unusual ways.

Rome is a unique gift to the contemporaries of every age. The complexity of its stratifications is reflected in astonishing, inexhaustible teachings that are never preachy or arrogant. They represent a good synthesis of the flow of life on our Earth. So let’s depart from where it all began, from the Tiber, and start walking. In a few metres we find ourselves crossing centuries of experiences, adventures, dramas and challenges. So that we don't get lost, our guide has organised 18 themed itineraries that will allow us to discover a different aspect each time. So we'll walk along the Via Tuscolana to discover Roman ruins mixed in with the Cinecittà studios, or we'll walk the last few kilometres of the Via Francigena to rediscover the views that pilgrims encountered for centuries at the end of their journey, or we'll visit the Fori Imperiali to discover the places of politics in ancient Rome, where people voted or where the Senate met for its assemblies. But we will also find ourselves on the roads that from Centocelle lead us surprisingly to one of the city's lesser-known but most interesting parks, or we will manage to reach the sea on our foot. At the end of these journeys we will have learned that Rome neither deceives nor disappoints. On the contrary, this walking through the city, with an open eye and mind, may help us to become a little wiser and to really see what escapes our gaze.

The author

Francesco Rutelli

Francesco Rutelliwas Mayor of Rome from 1993 to 2001. He carried out political and institutional functions in Parliament, as Vice-President of the Council and Minister of Culture, until 2013. Today he is president of ANICA (representing the cinema and audiovisual industries), coordinates private and voluntary associations and initiatives for cultural heritage and the environment, the Institute of European Democrats in Brussels and the Soft Power Club. For Laterza, he is the author of Tutte le strade partono da Roma (2020), which has sold more than 20,000 copies.

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