Edition: 2021
Pages: 192
Series: IR/L
ISBN: 9788858145098

Greenland. A Journey around the disappearing island

Sandro Orlando



A great sailing adventure along the 71st parallel north, through the stories of people who live and work ‘in the middle of the ice’. A gripping story that is also reportage from the heart of the climate emergency.  The great polar expeditions, the fascinating and terrifying experiences of explorers seeking the Northwest Passage, are not just relics of the past. A fact demonstrated by this account of a sailboat journey in Greenland, along the world’s largest fjord, the Scoresby Sund.  In the summer of 2019, an expedition set out around Greenland’s eastern coast, one of the most remote areas on the planet, at the heart of the climate crisis that is devastating the Arctic. A sailboat journey on the Scoresby Sund, to report on phenomena that are also having an impact at our own latitudes: ocean currents heating up, ice melting at unprecedented rates, tsunamis caused by the collapse of giant icebergs, fjords and coasts free from pack ice, species becoming extinct. The Arctic at the centre of the book is a ‘blue’ Arctic, devoid of ice, as the author anticipates the fate of our climate and explains many aspects of the crazy weather we are experiencing. A travel tale, woven through with scientific detail, full of characters and their adventures: explorers, mountaineers, scientists, all drawn to this wild frontier by their fascination with the unknown. This almost uninhabited continent, with its boundaries blurred and geography unknown due to transformations caused by the melting ice, has proven to be the perfect laboratory for their research.

The author

Sandro Orlando

Sandro Orlando,passionate about meteorology, science and oceanography, has travelled the length and breadth of the Arctic, from Greenland to the Svalbard islands and Siberia. Reporting on climate change, he has travelled to over twenty countries, crossed the Alps on foot, and sailed to the north-eastern coast of Greenland. He began his career as a journalist in Germany in 1992, after a degree in German Studies and a master’s in Journalism from the Freie Universität in Berlin. Before writing about climate and environmental issues, he worked in foreign affairs and economics. He has written for a number of newspapers and is the author of Borderline. Speculazioni e affari nell’Italia del dopo Enron(Editori Riuniti 2003) and La Repubblica del ricatto. Dossier segreti e depistaggi nell’Italia di oggi (Chiarelettere 2008).

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