Edition: 2023
Pages: 286
Series: BSL
ISBN: 9788858126714

History of Contemporary Latin America

Loris Zanatta



From colonialism to modern populism, from the failures of nineteenth-century liberalism to the limits of contemporary liberalism, from Caudillism to authoritarianism, Loris Zanatta retraces the complex history of Latin America, marked by sweeping transformations and strong elements of continuity, unity and centrifugal forces. United by the Iberian legacy of language and culture, but also torn by profound ethnic and social fissures, its convulsive history suspended between Europe and America, it remains all too often a misunderstood chapter of history.

The author

Loris Zanatta

Loris Zanatta, contributor to “La Lettura” of “Corriere della Seara” and a number of important Latin American newspapers, teaches Latin American history at the University of Bologna. With Laterza, he has published a History of Contemporary Latin America (2010) and The Catholic Nation (2014), both translated in Latin America.

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