Edition: 2014
Pages: 190
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788858113226

The Places of Knowledge. Libraries and liberty

Antonella Agnoli


Misuzu Shobo (Japan)



“Our cities are in urgent need of new libraries, where people can meet to connect both intellectually and emotionally: the ‘places of knowledge’ that forms the subject of this most original book.” Guido Martinotti Rethinking urban spaces, removing them from the logic of commercialization, transforming them into places for interpersonal relationships, exchange, joint action. The public library, long ignored by politics and whose informative role is today threatened by the internet, can become a territory open to groups and associations, a centre for meditation and the sharing of knowledge, the central hub in a network with other cultural institutions. In a country that appears increasingly knowledge-poor, which risks remaining at the margins of the knowledge economy, the public library must become part of a project for a second Italian renaissance, a place of liberty and creativity for all.

The author

Antonella Agnoli

Antonella Agnoli designed and launched the San Giovanni Library at Pesaro, where she was scientific director until March 2008. Since that time she has helped carry out a restyling of the Idea Store in London and numerous libraries in Italy. She is a consultant for various architects and several local government bodies, where she helps plan library areas and services, and develop staff training programmes. She coordinates the Book Forum Association and helps organize the Artelibro art book festival in Bologna. She is the author of The Library for Young People (Milan 1999) and various essays published in books and scientific reviews. This book is the result of thirty years of work and reflection on public spaces, enriched by her travels throughout the globe in pursuit of innovative solutions.

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