Edition: 2023
Pages: 174
Series: QL
ISBN: 9788842096535

World History. The New Courses of History

Laura Di Fiore - Marco Meriggi





Moving beyond national borders and in a cross-regional dimension, favouring active dialogue between different cultures, freeing ourselves from Eurocentric prejudice: these are, in short, the premises of the challenge that world history proposes to contemporary historical studies.

No longer a straightforward account of the world, at the heart of which lies the West, but a universe rich in cultural variety in which every border area is a protagonist. From the study of migrations and diasporas to that of cultural encounters and cross border economic and social networks, Fiore and Meriggi describe the genesis and evolution of a new perspective of historical analysis.

The authors

Laura Di Fiore

Laura Di Fiore researches the practices of identification and supervision of migratory movements in southern Italy prior to Unification as part of her doctoral thesis on the Modern and Contemporary History of Europe, at the Department of Social Science in the University of Naples L’Orientale. She is the author of various articles which have appeared in the reviews Contemporanea and Le Carte e la Storia.

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Marco Meriggi

Marco Meriggi teaches History of Political Institutions at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy in the University of Naples Federico II. His most recent publications include: Europe from the Nineteenth to the Twentieth Centuries (Rome 2006) and The Italian States Before Unification (Bologna 20112). For Laterza, amongst other works, he edited The Cultural Atlas of the Risorgimento (with A. M. Banti, A. Chiavistelli and L. Mannori, 2011).

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