Edition: 2010
Pages: 142
Series: LDT
ISBN: 9788842092704

Defence Against Power. Towards a constitutional resistance

Ermanno Vitale


Editorial Trotta (Spain)



Does it still make sense to reflect on the right of resistance in democratic states of law? And first and foremost, what is the political significance of ‘resistance’? In what way does it differ from other forms of opposition and change? With respect to who or what is it right and opportune to oppose resistance? And again, is it possible to delimit the con-fusion of powers, in other words the enormous influence and conditioning of globalized economic and ideological power? Ermanno Vitale examines the traditional theories of the ‘right of resistance’ in light of the new dimensions that political, economic and ideological powers have assumed in the contemporary world and proposes a definition of constitutional resistance whose purpose is to defend the social pact in extreme cases in which it is reasonable to doubt the trustworthiness of the institutional guarantees.

The author

Ermanno Vitale

Ermanno Vitale teaches Political Philosophy at the Faculty of Political Science and of International Relations in the University of Valle d’Aosta. His most recent essays include: Lus Migrandi (Turin 2004). With Laterza, he published: Liberalism and Multiculturalism. A challenge for democratic theory (2000) and edited Fundamental Rights. A theoretical debate (by L. Ferrajoli, with other authors, 20083).

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