Edition: 2009
Pages: 480
Series: BUL
ISBN: 9788842090021

Galileo: Heretic

Pietro Redondi


Humanist Publishing (South Korea)



“Redondi overturns the historical framework that up to now has served as a backdrop for all our ideas about the transition to the modern era: we have always believed that the decisive question was the movement of the earth around the sun, and understandably so because this marked the demise of a concept whereby man was at the centre of creation. Wrong: it turns out, instead, that the cosmological issue of the seventeenth century was a secondary matter, while the question that today appears to exist only on a spiritual-symbolic plane was instead of primary scientific importance.” Italo Calvino Galileo and his atomism versus the dogma of the Eucharist. The most debated work in Galilean studies in the last twenty-five years, translated into all the major languages, written with the pace of a thriller.

The author

Pietro Redondi

Pietro Redondi lectures on History of Science at the University of Milan - Bicocca. His publications to date include: Ferdinandea (Florence 2001) and Galileo the Heretic (Turin 20033). With Domenico Lini he edited the catalogue of the exhibition Science, City, Life. Milan 1906: “l’Esposizione internazionale del Sempione” (Milan 2006).

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