Edition: 2016
Pages: 154
Series: EL
ISBN: 9788842089759

The Rom of Europe. A modern history

Leonardo Piasere


Bayard (France)



The Rom are the European Union’s most numerous minority but in the continent’s affairs their presence has been entirely overlooked. True: the anti-gypsy persecutions that bloodied western Europe have been widely condemned as has their slavery in some countries of South-East Europe. But at the same time, their struggle to maintain a distinctive and strongly connoted identity has been generally misunderstood and their establishment in many local contexts either unknown or underestimated. Both immersed and dispersed in the history and geography of Europe, in the midst of other populations and within states that have risen and fallen, the Rom have built by themselves their own identity and ‘Europe’. A geo-history written entirely in modern times, but equally entirely absent from the books whose task it is to elucidate that history.

The author

Leonardo Piasere

Leonardo Piasere (b. 1955) was awarded a PhD in Social and Historical Anthropology from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and he is a part-time professor of Cultural Anthropology and Methodology of Anthropological Research at the University of Verona. He has carried out ethnographic research among the Rom communities and ethno-historical studies on the Italian Sinti and the Rom of Moldavia. He currently co-directs a European Commission project on the education and childhood of nomadic peoples. His books include: Sea Rom (Paris 1985); Romany Italy (3 vols., Rome 1996 to 2002), A ciganològusok szerelmei (edited by C. Prònai, Budapest 1997); The Cultures of Kinship and Perfect Exogamy (co-written with Piergiorgio Solinas, Roma 1998), and A World of Worlds (Naples 1999).

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