Edition: 2007
Pages: 366
Series: QL
ISBN: 9788842082606

Judging the Bishops. Defining powers in the post-Tridentine church

Elena Bonora


The trial of a bishop for heresy against the backdrop of the reorganisation of powers in the Church in the second half of the sixteenth century. Caught between the affirmation of the inquisitorial ideology and the reinforcement of Rome's centralism, a generation of bishops faced a changing world.

The author

Elena Bonora

Elena Bonora teaches modern history at Parma University. She has published Conflicts of the Counter Reformation. Sanctity and obedience in the religious experience of the early Barnabites (Le Lettere 1998). For Laterza, Judging the bishops. The definition of power in the post-Tridentine Church (2007) and The Counter Reformation (2009).

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