Edition: 2006
Pages: 158
Series: CON
ISBN: 9788842079002

Naples on the Sea Twinkles

Antonella Cilento


Atticus (Russia)



“Nothing could be more difficult than trying to paint a picture of Naples from within, a city saturated in images and imagination. Myopia interferes, obstructing one’s vision. You can only approach a port city from the sea, the land, and even underground, but once you arrive you become its prisoner. Naples is a prism and reflects all descriptions, which it can restore in multiple versions”. A journey in pursuit of the fire that burns under the Vesuvius, of the water that sparkles in the bay, over and below the city swarming with traffic, with eyes that look skyward in a city which is also a symbol, an atmosphere, an idea. With a light, imaginative and reflective pen, Antonella Cilento performs a kind of sorcery to recount the thousand aspects of Naples.

The author

Antonella Cilento

Antonella Cilento is the author of: The Inverted Sky (Avagliano 2000); A Long Night (Guanda 2002, winner of the Fiesole and Viadana Prizes); This Is Not Paradise (Sironi 2003); Neronapoletano (Guanda 2004); and Love, The Real Thing (Guanda 2005). She has been holding creative workshops since 1993. She founded “Lalineascritta Workshop” in Naples (www.lalineascritta.it) and is director of “Le Scimmie” in Bolzano. She writes for the theatre, and contributes articles to “Il Mattino”, “L’Indice dei Libri”, “Il Sole 24 Ore” and “Il Riformista”.

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