Edition: 2023
Pages: 216
Series: UL
ISBN: 9788842060604
Subject area: Prime lezioni

First lesson in urban studies

Bernardo Secchi



The fourth book in a new series which, as its title implies, offers a kind of introduction to a subject but written by a leading expert who is encouraged to give his own particular slant on it. As well as explaining just what urban studies involve, the book highlights such fundamental issues as the definition of the contemporary city and the development policies by which it is changed. A key element in the urbanistics debate is to establish that the city of today, as we experience it, is not simply a lesser version of the city of the past but represents a whole new entity, still hard to define and to distinguish from its recent and more distant prototypes. 

The author

Bernardo Secchi

Bernardo Secchi teaches Urban Studies at the IUAV of Venice. He studied and drew up plans for cities such as Siena, Bergamo, Prato, Pesaro, Brescia, Geneva, Marseille, Rennes, Rouen and Antwerp. His many published works include: Regional Imbalances and Economic Development (Venice 1974); The Urban Story (Turin 1984); A Project for Urban Studies (Turin 1984) and numerous essays on architecture and urban studies. He was editor for many years of the review “Urbanistica” and long-time contributor to “Casabella”. 

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