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Communicating in the Museum

Communicating in the Museum
Communicating in the Museum
Edition: 2014
Series: PL [173]
ISBN: 9788858114681
Subject area: Conservation, restoration, renovation, Communication sciences
  • Pages 178
  • 18,00 Euro

Short info

Museums communicate little and badly. The material display of exhibits is insufficient to meet the objective that is vital to the very existence of the museum system: to transmit cultural knowledge to visitors. Yet art is culture par excellence. By applying the theory of communication to those particular symbols that are works of art, this book proposes a systematic analysis of museums and reveals how their structure and internal organisation are incompatible with the requirements of effective communication. It is time to open up museums to the vast potential of a fitting and intelligent use of new technologies and to begin finally to exhibit in order to communicate. The volume comes with a DVD, which shows how to build effective communication systems and how to install them throughout museums, in close proximity to and in a continuum with the exhibits.



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