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From Body to Web

From Body to Web
From Body to Web
An Introduction to the Web as Corpus
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Edizione: 2009
Collana: University Press on-line
Serie: Studi Anglo-Germanici e dell’Europa Orientale
ISBN: 9788842088547
Argomenti: Linguistica e semiotica
  • Pagine: 196
  • Prezzo: 12,50 Euro
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In breve

In this book the web’s controversial status as a corpus is investigated on both theoretical and applicative grounds. While the notion of a linguistic corpus as a body of texts rests on some related issues such as finite size, balance, permanence, the very idea of a web of texts brings about notions of non-finiteness, flexibility, provisionality. It is against this background that the book revisits key issues in corpus linguistics from the perspective of the web and explores the new issues that the emerging notion of the web as corpus possibly raises.


Introduction - Acknowledgments - Chapter I. Corpus Linguistics and the Web. Old and new Issues - Chapter II. Challenging Anarchy. The Corpus and the Search - Chapter III. Webcorp. The Web as Corpus - Chapter IV. Bootcat: Building Corpora from the Web - Chapter V. Exploring Large Web Corpora: from Web as Corpus to Corpus as Web - Conclusion - Appendix - References
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